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Translation is a personal passion as well as a professional calling for me. My bilingualism, experience, and ambition allow me to swiftly produce idiomatic and tailor-made translations.

I am able to translate Finnish and English texts, manuscripts, and documents of all kinds and for any number of industries and purposes. I specialize in translating articles, essays, press releases, news stories, fiction, and poetry.

Voice over/voice acting

Does your documentary or web spot need a narrator, or do you know of an animation project in need of a voice talent? I’m able to create cadences and characters of every kind, as suits each project in question.

In addition to voice over work, I have also honed my verbal expression as a live event MC, broadcast journalist, and spoken word artist. Singing and beatboxing are also right in my wheelhouse.


If you have a work in progress, I’m confident I can help you find solutions for polishing and tweaking your output. The balance of message, function, and method is what gives writing its quality.

I will bring my expertise in linguistics and literature to bear on your project, in collaboration with you as the client, in order to make your text truly click.

Poetry commissions

If you would like me to write a poem about a topic of your choosing, I would be delighted! Poetry soothes the soul in many ways, and despite what you may have heard, its range of practical uses is effectively unlimited.

For instance, you could comission me to write a poem as a unique gift for someone, for pedagogical use in a classroom, or just for your own enjoyment. Combine with some art in my shop to make your poem a visual artefact.

Poetry workshops

If you are able to use language, you are able to write poetry! I provide guidance, exercises, and encouragement in unraveling the secrets of poetry for small groups — for children, teens, and adults alike.

Writing a poem can create a magical state of mind, which anyone can get a taste for by taking part in my workshops. Either for just one experience, or as an introduction into a headlong and lifelong love of poetry!

Live spoken word

I will be performing my spoken word poetry in live stream form during the Covid19 pandemic. If you would like to book me to perform, whether for a small gathering of friends or an online festival, I’m there!

I’ve performed my poetry live since 2010. Take a look at my coming gigs!

Live hosting

What makes live events successful and safe is the right kind of atmosphere. Usually it is the responsibility and pleasure of a host (or MC) to create that atmosphere, and to keep the audience aware and excited.

Creating a connection with audiences is important to me, and I’ve done it for years for the Helsinki Poetry Connection’s open mics, for a symposium at the Natural Resources Institute (Luke) and evening galas for the City of Helsinki.

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