My name is Kasper Salonen

A wordsmith with over a decade of experience creating clarity and dimensions with words and culture.

My name is Kasper, and I’m happy you’re reading this. This site is a reflection of my life, which began in Southern Finland in 1987. My family emigrated to England that same year, and we lived in London until I was 9. After returning to Finland, I attended international schools and the International Baccalaureate (IB) system in Tikkurila. I later studied English Philology and Translation Theory at the University of Helsinki, from which I graduated magna cum laude in 2015.

Due to my early cross-cultural exposure, I speak both Finnish and English as my native languages. In fact, the rhythms and principles of language caught my ear and my attention at a young age, leading me to pursue poetry and translation as my primary passions and disciplines.

Throughout my academic career, and especially following my MA, I have been lucky enough to develop my professional careers in art and communication in tandem. Through a large and growing network of clients and colleagues, as well as communities such as Nuoren Voiman Liitto and the Helsinki Poetry Connection, I have gained experience in a wide range of language-related practices, from proofreading and translating to event production, hosting, and voice acting.

The visual arts, especially collage and mixed media, have also been influential to my life and thinking. I continue to hone and practice all my skills. I also write essays and articles, and constantly investigate new ways to comprehend this dark, mysterious, miraculous world.

I’m astonished to be alive, and I believe we can build a sustainable basis for the future of our civilization, through creativity and kindness.